As of January 2018, the Research Training Program at BIO-CBG is no longer accepting external applications until further notice.


Enrollment procedure

Because the number of training spots is limited, it is important to make arrangements well in advance of the visit and to ensure that your education and professional experience are relevant to the scope of the training. Below is an outline of steps to take in order to enrol.

  1. Using the contact details on this website, send an inquiry to the Research Training Program coordination team, detailing your interest in taking a training course in DNA barcoding at the Centre for Biodiversity Genomics. Please make sure to provide sufficient information about your education, professional background, and experience. Provide additional information as requested by CBG’s staff to determine the possible timelines and logistical requirements of your visit, including online training, visa requirements (if applicable), questions related to biological materials transfer (if applicable), and payment options.
  2. If you are applying for external funding to defray the costs of your participation in the training course, BIO-CBG can provide letters of support and other information as requested by the funding agency. Please note that it is the Applicant’s full responsibility to handle the process of applying for third-party funds.
  3. Complete the online introductory course to DNA barcoding through the University of Guelph Center of Open Learning. Upon successful completion of the online course, an official Letter of Appointment will be sent to you from BIO-CBG.
  4. Sign the Letter of Appointment and return a copy to BIO-CBG, together with additional information, as directed by the Institute’s administrative staff. The letter of appointment will be your supporting document required to obtain a Canadian entry visa (if applicable).
  5. Pay the training fees. Payments can be made in advance by wire transfer, cheque, or credit card, or on site by cheque, credit card, or cash. The fees must be paid prior to training commencement.
  6. If preferred, BIO-CBG staff can assist with local transportation and accommodation arrangements and any other logistical matters related to your visit.

University of Guelph visitor policies

Training visitors hosted by the Biodiversity Institute of Ontario’s Centre for Biodiversity Genomics are appointed as ‘self-funded visiting researchers’ with the College of Biological Science at the University of Guelph. These appointments are governed by the by-laws, rules, regulations, policies, procedures, and practices of the University of Guelph in effect at the time of training, including those pertaining to research. While the visitors do not receive employment income from the University of Guelph, this appointment entitles them to access to the University of Guelph’s libraries and on-campus computer network. Visitors will also be enroled in the University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) which is mandatory and covers the cost of doctor’s visits and hospital services in Ontario. UHIP does not offer extended health coverage, such as dental treatment, optometrist visits, or prescription medicine.

All training course participants will be required to comply with the University’s policies on Environmental Health and Safety (EHS) and to complete the relevant EHS online training modules. Prior to being admitted into laboratory and collection facilities, visitors will receive specific safety briefings from core staff responsible for workplace safety instruction in their respective laboratory facilities.

Visit logistics

Visitors are responsible for making their own arrangements for travel (flights and ground transportation to Guelph) and accommodation. If available, on-campus accommodation could be booked with assistance from the course coordinator – please inquire in advance.

For more information on travelling and living in Guelph, please visit the Resources section.