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As of January 2018, the Research Training Program at BIO-CBG is no longer accepting external applications until further notice.

BIO-CBG’s Research Training Program in DNA Barcoding is well-suited for research professionals, graduate students, and lab technicians who are considering DNA barcode applications. A scientific background (Bachelor’s degree or equivalent) and clear understanding of key biological principles (e.g., evolution, molecular mechanisms of heredity, the basics of biological systematics, etc.) are necessary prerequisites for this training program. Background in molecular biology and/or collection management is helpful but not necessary.

In advance of enrolment in the hands-on training course, applicants are required to complete the online overview course “Introduction to DNA Barcoding” offered through the Open Learning and Education Support Centre at the University of Guelph. This online course provides a solid theoretical background in DNA barcoding that will allow visitors to save valuable time during hands-on training and will also help reinforce key points and concepts. The online course runs for eight weeks, corresponding to eight modules covering different aspects of DNA barcoding including workflows and methodologies, theoretical background, and applications. The online modules are conducted by Dr. Dirk Steinke, CBG’s Associate Director of Education and Outreach. For more information, including dates of the next offering and registration fees, click here.

Instruction (online and hands-on) and all course materials are provided in English, therefore good knowledge and understanding of written and spoken English is essential.