Become a Sponsor

Following the launch of the Research Training Program, we have been receiving a growing number of inquiries from prospective participants, wishing to undertake specialized training at the world’s leading DNA barcoding center and to employ novel DNA-based identification approaches in their work. Because the program currently does not have a dedicated funding stream, it relies exclusively on external funding. This, unfortunately, limits our ability to host trainees who are unable to acquire funds to cover their participation in the Program and puts experts from from lower-income countries at a particular disadvantage.

We welcome contributions from organizations and individuals willing to support the participation of prospective trainees, especially students and young professionals, either through project-based funding or through individual bursaries. We also welcome support to help expand the scope and capacity of the Program, and to add new training elements/modules to meet specific applied needs.

For inquiries about ways you can contribute to this global capacity-building effort, please contact